Ostomy Armor is now available through the VA and Tricare
Contact your VA or Tricare health representative,

or call us for additional information.

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Get Back to LIFE on YOUR Terms!

Ostomy Armor™ provides the very finest protection for your ostomy. Comfortable and easy to wear, Ostomy Armor keeps your appliance in place, protects your stoma, helps prevent stomal hearnias and gets you back to the life you used to lead. Seatbelts, clothing, dogs and children, etc, are no match for Ostomy Armor.


When used with the recommended Coloplast Assura #12719 or other stiff appliances, Ostomy Armor™ provides almost 100% leak and blowout protection for up to three weeks on average!  However, Ostomy Armor™ will work with any Ostomy appliances on the market.

  • Ostomy Armor™ directly covers your appliance and pouch and is normally worn next to your skin.
  • If you need changes to your Armor to make it work better for you, please contact us! We are in this to make sure you needs are met.
  • Ostomy Armor™ is fully submersible in water and provides it’s normal protection while swimming or waterskiing.
  • When worn correctly, Ostomy Armor™ is snug, but comfortable.
  • Ostomy Armor™ protects against external blunt force trauma.
  • Ostomy Armor™ helps prevent stomal hernias and relieves stress on existing hernias.
  • Ostomy Armor™ allows for a normal and wide range of motion and activities for a life that you want!
  • Ostomy Armor™ allows for waste to move into the pouch as normal.
  • Medicare approved for insurance company reimbursement, see the new HCPCS codes on each product.
  • Available through the VA and Tricare.
  • TSA approved for wear on board commercial airline flights.
  • Ostomy Armor™ is very discreet, only 7/16″ thick.  No one will know you have it on.
  • Ostomy Armor™ is for everyone regardless of age.

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This is the Armor Concealed
beneath your clothing
The comfort belt displayed
outside the clothing
Not Just for Guys
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