Gordo’s Maniacs

Welcome to Gordo’s Gang of Maniacs!!!

Welcome to Gordo’s Gang of Maniacs page!
Here you will find stories from more active ostomates and the people who love them; all you need to do is click on each individual’s name to read their stories.

James Gordon Scott – Gordo is the first maniac on this list because of his past in Special Forces, his active lifestyle with motorcycles, as a father and husband, a climber, Ostomy Armor™, Blackhawk helicopter repairman, Guffey Volunteer Fire Department fire fighter, all-around awesome friend, and the inventor of Ostomy Armor™, the reason for this web site and better comfort and protection for you ostomates out there.

(NOTE: We have made it a policy to not put on last names unless we’re given permission)

Warren F. – Warren was also Special Forces, then moved into law enforcement on leaving the military. Because he maintains an active lifestyle, Warren purchased Ostomy Armor™ and improved his ability to enjoy his own life.

Andy H. – Andy does competition cross-country bicycle riding in the UK. He and his friends spent some time looking for a product that would help him with his ileostomy so he could continue his life and, finally, with Ostomy Armor™ he was able to take his life back.

Tom K. – Tom does all manner of video work in Australia, going into some places where protection of his stoma is a priority; Ostomy Armor™ does the trick.

Steve L. – Steve is an Oceanographer Emeritus with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, who is active in martial arts, particularly Karate, and purchased his Ostomy Armor™ to be able to continue with the life he had before his stoma.

Sandy H. – Sandy has been in Law Enforcement for 26 years, whose hobbies are very active ones: dirt bike riding, working out, fishing, jet skiing, boogie boarding, and she loves being outdoors. She was never going to give up on her active lifestyle, but now, with Ostomy Armor™ she is able to do it without worry over potential damage to her stoma.

Andrew D. – Andrew is a 47-year-old father, and ostomate, who recently joined his 15-year-old son in the sport of Fencing. With Ostomy Armor™, Andrew’s time with his son is improved.