Saints And Soldiers




I would like to thank Randy Beard and the Kampf Grüppe von Rybus, Ryan Little, Adam Abel, and the rest of the production team for permission to post these set shots on our web site. I was quite surprised to find that acting is such hard work and requires complete focus. In all, my scene took 9 takes with the first 5 being rehearsals and the remaining 4 live takes. In the scene I surprise an American paratrooper (played by Jasen Wade) as I come out of a door, he then slams the door on me and pins me. I then try to fight him and then slip back inside to get a weapon; that’s when he rolls a grenade under the door and kills me. I was using the “MAX” Armor™ and field testing a new product during all of my time on set. I met and worked with Corbin Allred, Dave Nibley, and Jasen Wade, and quickly realized what nice guys they were, along with everyone on set. In all it was a great experience and I think I have definitely been bitten by the acting bug. I could not have done this without the Armor™ and it further shows that even if you have an ostomy and your life seems like it will never be the same, you never know what the future holds or what kind of cool opportunities await!!

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