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Ostomy Belts & Stoma Shields by OSTOMY ARMOR provide the FINEST ostomy protection – in the world!!!

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Our original stoma shields / ostomy belts are made to offer the best ostomy protection.  Choosing the right ostomy belt is essential to your everyday well-being, and a vital component of an active life-style.  Because of this, Ostomy Armor has a variety of products suitable for ANY lifestyle.  

Therefore, all of our ostomy protection products are geared to help with:

  • Ostomy Leaks

  • Leaking Barriers / Leaking Stoma / Leaking Flange / Leaking Wafer

  • Stomal Hernias  / Ostomy Pain

  • Protect against blunt force trauma to your stoma.

 Stoma Shields

Our full ostomy protection stoma guard line includes:

  • Ostomy belts / stoma guards.
  • Waste Wicks (for leak control)
  • Emergency Kits
  • Belt Accessories (Buckles, Sliders, etc.)
  • Discount Packages

In order to increase the effectiveness of our armor, we have added several choices and options.  The better we can fit your armor, the more protected your stoma will be!  Since there is abundance of useful information on our site (text, photos, AND videos), please take some time and browse our site!

Our Stoma shields are comfortable and discrete, providing high quality, long lasting, highly durable protection for your stoma.  Most importantly, Ostomy Armor does more than make life with a stoma easier, it enables you to be as aggressively active as you can – our Armor works that well!

Ostomy Protection

Additionally, we offer a variety of ostomy related products and accessories, including Quick Wicks, Emergency Kits, Shower Armor, Cobra Buckles and more!  Most importantly, we have you PROTECTED!  Please view our entire product line here.  
We understand life with an ostomy! Consequently, our stoma shields are designed by an ostomate to improve the quality of YOUR life.

Our ostomy protection / stoma guard products efficiently:


– Protect your stoma

– Improve the barrier seal

– Reduce leaks

Reduce stomal hernias

Therefore, seatbelts, belt buckles, pants, dogs, children, equipment belts, heavy weights, extreme sports and impact to the stoma are no match for our products!  Prevent stomal hernias with our ostomy belts – the BEST stoma shields on the planet, providing superior ostomy protection!


…Protecting Those Who Protect Us

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Due to the rigorous requirements of emergency services positions, the Titanium Max is ideal for anyone in the emergency services industry.  Out of all our ostomy belts, this is our most superior armor / stoma shield – ideal for Police, Fire, EMS and other First Responders  Additionally, the T-Max is perfect for extreme sports and other physically demanding activities.  Tested and approved by Gordon Scott, Firefighter and designer of Ostomy Armor.  This is the stoma guard for you!

staying active with ostomy armor



Ostomy Armor Will:

-Work with any Ostomy appliance on the market.
-Directly cover the appliance and pouch.
-Protect against external blunt force trauma.
-Help prevent stomal hernias and relieve stress on existing hernias.
-NOT stretch out of place, roll up or wear out.
-Allow for waste to move into the pouch as normal.
-Provide a normal and wide range of motion and activities for a life that you want!
-Work for all ages and all sizes.
-Enable you to swim in submersible water or water ski without compromising protection.

We recommend using Coloplast Assura #12719 or other stiff appliances for extended use of the appliance.
Orders for Custom fit large and unusual stomas are welcome. (Contact us for details.) Most custom fitting is done at no charge.
Also, we have a CAGE code, a DUNS number and SAM number for Federal orders and we accept Government credit cards.
TSA approved for wear on board commercial airline flights.
Medicare approved for insurance reimbursement.
Available through the VA and Tricare.  


Ostomy Armor asks…

Where do YOU want to go today? Ostomy Armor will get you there!!


From kick-boxing to just kicking back, Ostomy Armor will take you anywhere and protect you every step of the way! 


And, please visit for a very informative “Guide to Living With a Stoma.”  


Our ostomy belts and other ostomy protection products truly prevent stomal hernias.  Regardless the lifestyle you have, and no matter the armor you choose – OSTOMY ARMOR is all about protection and prevention.  

It’s time to make ostomy leaks, stomal hernias, and ostomy pain a thing of the past!  Don’t just take your life back – CONTROL IT!

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