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About Us

I designed OSTOMY ARMOR™ so that most people with an ostomy could do those simple things that people take for granted. If you want to have an active life, or if you are retired, OSTOMY ARMOR™ will be there giving you the needed confidence and support.

You don’t have to be as active as I am to benefit from using OSTOMY ARMOR™.

OSTOMY ARMOR™ gives you confidence by maintaining your barrier or appliance in the position it needs to be and keeps that all-important seal regardless of how you move or what you want to do. And because it’s made from aerospace materials, the patented design allows for waste to move as it normally does, as well as providing additional protection for your pouch. Lightweight, concealable, you’ll find yourself doing all sorts of things, never realizing that you have it on. Other people won’t realize that you have it on either!

OSTOMY ARMOR™ was rigorously tested for over three years under the most demanding conditions. Results showed no pullaways, leaks, blowouts, or interstomal problems. Additionally, it was found appliances stayed in place, functioning properly over twice as long as without the Armor.

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