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How much is shipping in the U.S?

What is the main difference between the Heavy Duty and Titanium Max (apart from the price)?

Is there a preferred method of cleaning the armor?

How does Ostomy Armor™ work?
I’m not very active. Will the Armor work for me?
I’ve seen other “belts” on the market. Why should I buy the Ostomy Armor™?

How does Ostomy Armor compare to the other belts?
Financial times are tough. Why should I spend $100 (or more) on a product when I don’t know if it works?
If the Armor is discreet, why have “Ostomy Armor™” on the front?
I have never needed to protect my stoma. Why would I start now?
I’ve never had a leak or blowout either. Same question.
What sort of people buy and wear Ostomy Armor™?
How can you offer ostomy supplies at a discount?
Do you you bill insurance? Other companies do.
What if I don’t like the Armor? Can I return it?
I have a tiny/large waist. Can you fit me?
When should I wear the Ostomy Armor™?
Who can I call with questions or comments?
I see similar looking products with an Ace wrap type stretchy bandage for a belt; How does your product compare?
Can I have sex while wearing the Armor?

Do you have clinical studies/trials/ data?

Does the Armor cause pressure ulcers?




Q: How much is shipping in the US?

A: You will pay approximately $9-11 for priority mail with delivery confirmation to get you Armor in 2-3 days anywhere in the US via USPS. If you require your package to be sent via UPS, costs may be different. You can contact us for a quote. Shipping overseas will cost from $25 upwards. Note: Shipments to countries outside the USA may incur additional taxes, fees or Customs fees.  These fees are not included in the cost of your products and are the responsibility of the customer.   Reminder: all Armor is built to your needs. It will be constructed when you order. Please note:  The Armor is not a “pull and ship” item. We usually ship within 10 business days but occasionally we might experience a higher than usual volume. We will keep you informed of this. Custom orders will take a little longer. 


 Q. What is the main difference between the models, apart from price? Which one should I buy? 

A. The Heavy Duty Armor works for everyone, whether you are in a wheelchair or are taking part in sports or a meeting. The Heavy Duty is made of aluminum and is extremely durable. If you take part in normal to moderate activities, this is the one for you. 

If you are into sports, or you have an extreme job, such as a police officer or a firefighter, the Titanium Max will provide a greater range of motion and protection. Some people chose the Titanium Max just because they want the top of the line, but not everyone needs this level of protection. The Titanium Max has been tested against knives and provides stab protection.

If your waist is less than 25″, the Petite Armor may be a better fit for you. 

If you have further questions, just ask! We won’t sell you something that you don’t need! 

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Q: How does Ostomy Armor™ work?
A: Ostomy Armor does three things; first, it protects your stoma against almost anything except bullets. Second, Ostomy Armor helps prevent hernias or other related problems involving your stoma. Third, Ostomy Armor, when used with a stiff, non flexible barrier will decrease leaks and blowouts drastically.


Q: I’m not very active. Will the Armor work for me?
A: It’s not just for tough  guys! The Armor will help every ostimate by preventing leaks, blowouts and protecting your stoma, whether or not you lead an active lifestyle. Just wearing a seatbelt can be a risky thing. Our philosophy and hope is that you will lead the life you want to, not just a life that you feel forced to. From time-to-time we will feature photos of other ostimates doing things that would ordinarily cause a blowout or other problems. You may not lift weights or rock climb, but if you see people doing these things with Ostomy Armor™ then you should be able to go dancing, bowling, playing golf, shopping or anything else you want.


Q: I’ve seen other “belts” on the market. Why should I buy Ostomy Armor™?
A: There are products called “support belts”, but there are no other products as strong as, or even similar to, the Armor. The Armor is strong, slim, discreet and built to take a pounding. It’s not a flimsy plastic/ elastic item; it’s tough, durable and will take care of you for a long time. We hear from lots of customers who bought a cheap copy first only to have it stretch out of place after less than a year. Ostomy Armor will not stretch out of place and provides years of support. Choose the cost effective one first: Ostomy Armor is the ONLY product with a 2 year warranty. You can find this customer comment on our Facebook page: ”

Stomaplex is total crap, went through two of them (the first was warrantied, I didn’t bother asking for another after the second failed too) and they both fell apart pretty quickly. My first Ostomy Armour still worked after almost six years even though the material was worn.” Aaron Dennis.LikeShow more reactions
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You can also find this customer comment on Facebook, under visitor posts, regarding our durability compared to the cheap copies:

“I have and Ostomy Armor that I need to send back for a rebuild (normal wear and tear) that is 5 years old now but otherwise still works. I got a Stomaplex for a gift a few years ago, it’s garbage. Started falling apart almost immediately. They sent me a second as a warranty, same result.” Aaron D.  Watch the comparison videos and judge for yourself. Ostomy Armor Videos


Q: How does Ostomy Armor compare to the other belts?
A: Let’s ask Steve S, a recent customer. Steve said: “I received my Ostomy Armor a little over a week ago. It is fantastic! I wear it all day long and rarely notice I have it on. I brought it with me on my appointment with my wound nurse at the VA. I also brought with me my old StomaPlex guard for comparison. What crap that is! It cost me twice what your product costs, and it is coming apart after less than a year.” (This comment is also on our Facebook page)

Marcus Taylor stated:  

“I searched online and  found Stealthbelt  first. I bought there top of the line belt for $160. I thought this was a godsend. It kept everything discreet which was my main objective. As a few months went on, the belt got looser and looser and never really gave the support that was needed to lift heavy objects or do some of the physical activities that I enjoy. Now because of this, I have developed a hernia which I know will require surgery sometime in the future.

This prompted me to online search again. I came across Ostomy Armor.  This belt is comfortable and does hold everything in very very well and has stopped the hernia from getting any worse. It is also very discreet, which again I LOVE. So in short, the Ostomy Armor belt is by far the superior product to keep my life as close to what it was before surgery. Thank you.”

Soft and stretchy will NEVER outlast strong and sturdy.  Ostomy Armor has a two year warranty on materials and workmanship. Our product lasts for years and years. Watch product comparison videos here 

$$$ When we discovered that insurance companies and hospitals routinely buy four NuHope ™ belts per customer per month,  we decided to take a closer look at product costs. What we discovered surprised us. We knew Ostomy Armor was a good deal, of course, but what we didn’t know was how many other products are bought per year. The NuHope, for example costs between $20-$113. So based on information we gathered, we compiled a comparison chart. 

Cost comparison chart 2018 

Q: Financial times are tough. Why should I spend over $160 on a product when I don’t know if it works?
A:  We have hundreds and hundreds of customers who know that it works!  Ostomy Armor saves you money by reducing the number of times you change your barrier/wafer. It also brings you piece of mind knowing that your stoma is protected. You may be accustomed to sales people who are not ostomy patients that may push useless products, or products they are not familiar with. Ostomy Armor™ was invented by a stubborn ostomy patient that did not want to spend the rest of his life putting up with leaks, blowouts and pain. Ostomy Armor™ has been tested rigorously and under extreme conditions. We have actual customer comments that attest to the fact that it works and works well for years. Why spend $50- $180 for a flimsy piece of plastic and elastic that will not last? Also, when used with a recommended barrier, Ostomy Armor™ will extend the active use of a barrier ; this, of course, saves you money.  Choose the cost effective one first: Ostomy Armor is the ONLY product with a 2 year warranty. 


Q: If the Armor is discrete, why have “Ostomy Armor™” on the front?
A: When worn correctly, the Armor logo will not be visible under your clothes (unless you are a follower of the pants-down-around-the-knees school of fashion…, then you will see the logo.)


Q: I have never needed to protect my stoma. Why would I start now?
A: It does not take very much at all to herniate your stoma and the resulting damage can be quite unpleasant. It takes a small amount of weight to push the muscles out through your abdomen. Our customers lift heavy weights on a regular basis and report no hernias. And when do you predict that something (a shopping cart, a dog, a child, a belt, seatbelt) will bump into you? A small bump can cause a lot of pain. Why risk it? 


Q: I’ve never had a leak or blowout, either. Same question.
A: Same answer: Lucky you! Most ostomy patients find that any bending at all, even just sitting around the house, causes the barrier to leak. We recommend a stiff barrier for use with Ostomy Armor™ and this helps prevent that from happening. Most people also find that they no longer use any paste, thereby allowing the skin a more natural environment.

Besides, who wants to sit around the house!


Q: What sort of people buy and wear Ostomy Armor™?
A: All sorts of people just like you! It’s  not just for tough  guys.  From 6 months to 95 years old! Some of our customers include active duty Army personnel, construction workers, climbers, police officers, welders, office workers and teachers. We have customers in wheelchairs and confined to a bed.  Nurses also use the Armor to help patients in hospital when changing barriers.


Q: How can you offer ostomy supplies at a discount?
A: We are a small company and our overhead is low. We don’t have a huge warehouse full of products. We don’t falsely over inflate our prices in order to offer you a “discount.”


Q: Do you bill insurance?  Will insurance cover the cost?
A: Contact us to discuss your insurance details.  Some companies reimburse and others do not.  We will work with your company to determine this.  


Q: What if I don’t like the Armor? Can I return it?
A: Please contact us first.  Often, the problem is caused by an incorrect waist measurement.  We can fix this. We have also done modifications to ensure a custom fit for specific problems.  We understand that Ostomy Armor™ is not for everyone.  If we cannot fix the problem, we will reimburse a portion of the purchase price (95%). This reflects finance charges that we have to pay.  We guarantee the Armor against defects in workmanship for two years.  Remember, Ostomy Armor will not work if you don’t try it! Please read the Ostomy Armor Sizing section on the website or contact us to determine how to measure. There is also a video on the home page that shows how to measure. If you open your order and think “It’s too big/small/thin/fat,” try it on first. Then contact us if you need to discuss the fit or a return.

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Q: I have a tiny/large waist/stoma/hernia. Can you fit me?
A: We make each Armor individually and will custom make your Armor to fit you at no extra cost. We have made Armor for very large waists and herniations.  If you have a tiny waist and are petite, the Petite Armor may be a better fit for you. 


Q: When should I wear the Ostomy Armor™?
A: Most people only remove the Armor to shower. It is usually worn 24 hours a day. It will help prevent accidents at night (getting the barrier tangled in the sheets; bag blowing up with gas and then popping off; etc.).  Again, the Armor works by maintaining the seal on the barrier, which is needed 24/7. 


Q: Who can I call with questions or comments?
A: Call us! We are knowledgeable about ostomy products and issues relating to ostomies; after all, Gordon Scott is, himself, an ostimate, and uses Ostomy Armor™ and other products on a daily basis. Or email any comments if you prefer. Contact Us.


Q:I see similar looking products with an Ace wrap type stretchy bandage for a belt; How does your product compare?

A: Customers who have bought the other products tell us that the stretchy belts are not supportive enough and that the Velcro closures wear out, becoming unsightly in a couple of uses. Customers tell us that the stretchy belts cut off circulation, roll up and become very uncomfortable.   They are  also easy to displace, leaving your stoma unprotected.  Stretchy products  are not durable and  fall apart quickly. Ostomy Armor  does not stretch out of shape or roll up. It stays comfortably in place for long periods of time and lasts for years.  Also, when you have a hole in your abdomen wall it provides a “path of least resistance” for hernias to develop. If your muscles can bulge out (with a stretchy belt), there is a good chance that a hernia can develop. Our customers lift extreme and heavy weights on a constant basis without developing hernias. You will find genuine customer comments on our Facebook page and under ” Testimonials.  

Or you can watch our comparison videos: http://product comparison


Q: Can I have sex while wearing the Armor?
A: Absolutely. Ostomy Armor™ can stay with you through anything! There is not good time for a product to fail. 


Q: Do you have clinical studies/trials/ data?

A: No, we don’t. Clinical studies cost millions. We are a small company that  provides a service unmatched by massive pharmaceutical companies. What we can offer in the way of proof is our amazing customer satisfaction rate. Since 2006, we have filled thousands of orders and have had less than 20 returns. We have made plenty of modifications to fit individual needs and wishes, but only 18 people have said they did not like the Armor. In 2017 (Jan-Sept) out of hundreds of orders, we had only two returns.  We understand that if you are looking for data, this is considered anecdotal, but thousands of happy customers cannot be wrong. 


Q:  Does the Armor cause pressure ulcers?

A: Not that we have heard of.  Because we understand life with an ostomy so well,  and offer personal service, many of our customers stay in touch with us over the years. We get to chat with long term customers who not only wear their Armor 24/7, but also lead fairly vigourous lives. We talk to firefighters and police officers and retired people wielding chainsaws. There have been no reports of hernias or pressure ulcers. And yes, we asked.