Gordo’s Gang- Steve L

May 2010

Thank you so much!
AboardRVAtlantisHello Gordon,
It was great talking with you this afternoon. Here’s a couple of pictures as promised, one with the ALVIN and one at the karate studio. I’m the guy delivering the side kick who’s about to get tossed on his butt. That picture came off the Falmouth Deference Center’s www page and isn’t very high resolution. I was a brown belt then, about a year before I tested for my black belt and about two years before I got sick. I was pretty sure that after my second Ostomy (yes, 2nd, the first one was reversed for a couple of years but the problem came back and this Ostomy was the final cure), I wouldn’t be practicing the martial arts again. Your armor has given me the confidence to pick up where I left off. I can’t tell you how grateful I am, that armor has given me my life back!
karatepic3Sincerely yours,
Steve L.