Gordo’s Gang- Tom K

October 22, 2011

backonthecamera Hello Gordon,
Hope all is good with you, I have just compiled some pics if you want to add me to your Maniac’s site, from a Freelance Video Camera Guy “down-under” in Mildura Australia.
My Camera weighs in at about 8kg and the tripod another 6kg, extra gear is another 2-3kg, not light but great pictures. A Link if your interested in some vision to look at.
Pic description- one of me at rear of my car Four months after my Bladder/prostrate etc removal surgery, had to get back on the camera to pay my medical bills, as I was uninsured we paid all the way and got premium service we like to think.
mypaulineSecond pic is my (Beautiful Wife) Pauline (holding furry Mic)and Me shooting an Australian Aboriginal “Bush Tucker” segment as a cultural heritage piece for a local land care organisation, that was taken at the world famous “Mungo National Park” site of some of the oldest human bones ever found. My Ostomy Armour was invaluable tramping thru the bush.
entrygate Third pic is me at the entrance gate shooting a news piece of a band of “Out Law” motorcycle members gathering in Mildura Victoria for what they call a “National Run” on their Harley Davidson’s (American Muscle Bikes). Having the Ostomy Armour gave me the confidence to get amongst some of the toughest looking bikers in the southern hemisphere and not fear a bump etc to my stoma.
Many news situations I get into increase my risk of a hit to the stoma; Ostomy Armour™ provides protection.
pruning Fourth Pic is me pruning some trees in the garden with my trusty chain saw, Ostomy Armour™ came in very handy as I could work away without being too careful and, as it gives support to my mid-rift, which made the lifting and throwing of timber so much more comfortable.
trailbike Fifth pic, me on a “hired” off road trail bike, I’m still getting stronger as since my operations and recovery from surgery my energy levels need slow building up. So bike trips are short n sharp and sweet. You can’t beat the freedom that a motorcycle ride can provide. A fellow rider who, incidentally, was 70 years of age on this ride, impressed / inspired me with his exploits all over the world on motorcycle tours. Is worth a look at his pic gallery if you have time…
A few days ago, I gave a short presentation to our local “Stoma support group” of the “Ostomy Armour™” and how it is such a great product for active people like me. My stoma nurse asked me to do it, she loved the product and said more people should know about it. I’m sure all listening will remember my stories and pass onto others who may end up in the “Stoma Club” so to speak. Your web address will also be inserted into our next news letters.
Having gone through Bladder cancer , chemotherapy , 3 operations, and now in recovery phase, I’m very fortunate that medical technology of today can treat such life threatening diseases and have good out comes if caught early , I lost both my parents from cancer over 35 years ago, if they had have been alive today I’m sure the out come would have been different for them. And, having great products like “Ostomy Armour™” does give back a life we thought may had been beyond us.
A Very Big thank you From Me, my wife and my family, to you Gordon for supplying such a fantastic, practical, protective, product.
PS… A friend of a member, a guy in Melbourne, was told of my usage of “Ostomy Armour™” and said he wants one so he can play tennis again with confidence, he has avoided playing being frightened to get a ball hit or worse in that region of his body.
Tom K.
O-Line Video
South Mildura, Victoria, Australia