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November 2008

A Mercs LifeThank you, Gordon. I wish like hell I went to SFAS before I ETS’d, but I got out during the Klinton administration, you know?
I joined the Army at 17 in 1989, went to jump school AUG of 1990, and was assigned to The Old Guard in 1991. While there, I earned my Air Assault wings and Expert Infantry Badge. In 1995, I re-enlisted for Panama. My last “high speed” school was sniper school at Benning, TDY in route to Panama. After being stationed there, and doing “real-world” missions, I wanted nothing more than to go to Bragg, and as luck would have it, Panama was shutting down back then. We were allowed to pick our next assignment as long as it was one of the big 5 INF divisions. I picked 82nd, and got my orders a month later.
I go on PCS leave in Virginia to see my girlfriend (now my wife) and Big Army decided to delete my orders to Bragg and send me back to D Co, The Old Guard. I wasn’t happy about it, but made the best of it and took an early out under the “Troops to Cops” program. I started with DC Metropolitan Police in Jan 97 and stayed for 6 years. Then worked for a Sheriff’s office in Virginia for almost 4 years until I was offered the position of Deputy Chief of Police for my current agency in 2005. I’ve done nearly every assignment in police work aside from CSI, K9, or Diver. I am primarily the operations commander, a firearms instructor and regularly teach at academies in Maryland and Virginia, both initial academy topics and command staff courses. I also teach for The Crucible, which prepares govt. clients for deployments in high risk environments (you know the deal).
I am a size 34 waist. I have attached a photo. I don’t have any Army photos that are digital, so this is just a pic of me on my Harley Street Bob, and another at my part time gig at The Crucible training center on an M40 sniper rifle. You probably recognize the calling card below. AIRBORNE!!!!


Warren F.
Freelance Paratrooper-Mercenary-Singer-Bullshit Artist
I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks and I really do like it. Thank you. Below is a little T&E review I posted on the Yahoo ostomy group board. At least one other guy bought one from you as a result.
I plan on ordering a standard model because the straps look thinner and offer a bit more comfort for all day (my days are 16-20 hours long) wear.
Thank you!
Warren F.
Ok, I promised a T&E report so here it is. I purchased the heavy duty ostomy armor last month and began wearing it regularly about 1 December. What I’ve found is that it has allowed me to completely discontinue the use of my ostomy belt, which had been a great help to me.
It is not that the belt is inferior, it is simply a matter of protection and peace of mind. In my business, protection is the name of the game. It is the reason we wear kevlar concealable body armor and carry firearms. But my ostomy, even with the belt on, was basically exposed to injury. With my ostomy armor on, it offers nearly identical support capabilities with the added peace of mind of a hard polymer layer over the stoma area.
The strap on the ostomy armor is thick parachute webbing with additional padding behind it, and a Fastex buckle to secure it around the torso. While this makes it very secure, the thickness of the belt can make wear uncomfortable if you do not have trousers that are one size bigger than usual. The ostomy belt was paper thin and extra pants room was never an issue. The standard model ostomy armor has thinner straps and may be more comfortable for daily wear. I plan on ordering one soon and will review it as well.
Overall, I give my ostomy armor 2 thumbs up. It offers real shock and impact protection and gives adequate support to weighted bag, and extends the wear time (I get 7 days wear time). I reccomend it to anyone. Body types are different and what works well for me may not work for everyone, but it’s definately worth a try. Are they cheap? No, they run 80-95 dollars but I am willing to spend money on potential comfort and protection, so to me it was worth spending the $ not knowing for sure if it would work.
I hope this helps someone. God bless and stay safe, everyone!