Welcome to Gordo’s Gang of Maniacs!!!

Welcome to Gordo’s Gang of Maniacs page!
Here you will find stories from more active ostomates and the people who love them; all you need to do is click on each individual’s name to read their stories.

James Gordon Scott – Gordo is the first maniac on this list because of his past in Special Forces, his active lifestyle with motorcycles, as a father and husband, a climber, Ostomy Armor™, Blackhawk helicopter repairman, Guffey Volunteer Fire Department fire fighter, all-around awesome friend, and the inventor of Ostomy Armor™, the reason for this web site and better comfort and protection for you ostomates out there.

(NOTE: We have made it a policy to not put on last names unless we’re given permission)

Warren F. – Warren was also Special Forces, then moved into law enforcement on leaving the military. Because he maintains an active lifestyle, Warren purchased Ostomy Armor™ and improved his ability to enjoy his own life.

Andy H. – Andy does competition cross-country bicycle riding in the UK. He and his friends spent some time looking for a product that would help him with his ileostomy so he could continue his life and, finally, with Ostomy Armor™ he was able to take his life back.

Tom K. – Tom does all manner of video work in Australia, going into some places where protection of his stoma is a priority; Ostomy Armor™ does the trick.

Steve L. – Steve is an Oceanographer Emeritus with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, who is active in martial arts, particularly Karate, and purchased his Ostomy Armor™ to be able to continue with the life he had before his stoma.

Sandy H. – Sandy has been in Law Enforcement for 26 years, whose hobbies are very active ones: dirt bike riding, working out, fishing, jet skiing, boogie boarding, and she loves being outdoors. She was never going to give up on her active lifestyle, but now, with Ostomy Armor™ she is able to do it without worry over potential damage to her stoma.

Andrew D. – Andrew is a 47-year-old father, and ostomate, who recently joined his 15-year-old son in the sport of Fencing. With Ostomy Armor™, Andrew’s time with his son is improved.

March 2010

From Officer Sandy…
Thank you so much for your ostomy armor. Without this product, I would currently be out of a job and probably medically retired. I am a police officer of 24 years and love my job. Last year, I thought my career had ended due to an emergency operation. I had lost my battle to ulcerative colitis and ended up with an ileostomy. Your armor has allowed me to wear my issued equipment. I can now endure the physical training required to maintain my job. The Ostomy Armor allows me to wear my full uniform along with my issued gun belt fully loaded with my equipment. My belt is approximately 15 lbs and sits directly on the armor over my stoma all day. I can sit, run, crouch and crawl with no pain. My stoma is completely protected and functions as it should.
Like everyone, cops like to play, too. Since the surgery, I have continued to ride dirt bikes through the woods. And yes, I have had a few wrecks and each time there has been no injuries except my pride. Like falling off a horse… you get back on and go again. My bike weighs approximately 157 lbs. and I have had to pick it up and at no time have I had to worry about receiving a hernia from lifting this weight. Without the armor, I would hate to think of what type of injuries I might have sustained. I have been able to work out in the gym with no problem at all and never worry about the armor being seen since it is very low profile. I can not wait for it to get warmer because I love to Jet-Ski and plan to attack the lakes as the water begins to get warmer.
Gordon, from the bottom of my heart thank you for giving me my freedom back, the opportunity to retire from my job with dignity and allowing me to have as much fun as I can endure! Your armor has taken away the fear of injury and of having any type of leak or blow out while in public or while on duty. Thank you again for such a great product!
Sgt. H…
A. Police Department
United States


March 20, 2010
Sandy’s Bio and Comments… Update
Hi Gordon,
The weight is great… super lite and extremely comfortable. Love the fact that there is kevlar in the mix of the panel! I love the way you think! The new armor is so comfortable you almost forget that it is on. I really like the new material you used to make the belt. It is extremely soft against the skin and wears well. I like how it feels on the skin because the waist of my pants ride right on top of the Ostomy belt. I am giving the belt two thumbs up!!! I did run across one issue concerning the new design. On the older model the top of the panel is cut straight across. The new panel is cut differently. The top has a slight curve shape to it… not sure why. For me… the older model that is cut straight across covers the top of my bag completely. The bag I wear is the Coloplast Sensura 2pc maxi drain pouch with the transparent Sensura standard convex lt barrier. On the new design plate my bag has on several occassions collapsed over the curved ridge. There has been no damage to the upper portion of my bag. My concern is that the bend in my bag is right along my waistline and right where my gun belt rides. As you know, cops stick their flashlights down their pants in that area… and of course, I was trained that way. I fear I might nick or tear the exposed bag because of the new design of the plate. I think that the bag collapses when I tuck in my shirt. It is trapped in that position until I go to the bathroom, notice it and put it back in the upright position it should be in. I have never experienced any damage to my bag from being bent over the panel and it really does not interfere with the functioning of the bag but I have only worn this for a few short weeks. I personally liked the panel cut straight across. As far as the height of the panel, I find it to be perfect for me. The width is about an inch too much. I will need about an inch trimmed off on the width. It will be on the area near the navel. I will mark it on the panel. As for the overall design of the panel, I really liked how it was curved along the bottom. For those of us with an ileostomy the new design has allowed me much more use of my bag especially when I am sitting for quite a while.
SandyOn 03/19/2010 a group of my friends and I went out to a popular riding area known for its challenging trails. The acreage on this facility is over 3000 acres and has terrain that is very rocky, numerous creeks to ride through and prides itself on its difficult trails. The terrain is very unforgiving if one should fall… rocks galore… big ones… small ones and very hard ones! I had just gotten a brand new race bike, a Honda CRF150RB. I had only been on the bike for about 20 minutes and am somewhat a novice at riding much less handling this bike. Our group leader decided that it was time that we tackled the trail. Of course, not admitting any fear… away we went. Life was good until we came upon a section that required you to cross a very rocky area, go into and cross about a 8 foot creek which was flowing with about 2 feet of water in it and then immediately ascend up another rocky hill which was approximately 30 feet in length at about a 45 degree angle before topping out on a level trail. SandyWheelieThe first rider went… no problem. It was my turn. I was nervous… but sucked it up and went. I went to enter the creek, which later I observed was probably the worst place to enter. In my mind, I was going to drop off a two foot rock cliff into the creek and then make my way across the creek and ascend up the hill. Sounded pretty easy and I had convinced myself I could do it. Mind over matter! Instead… disaster happened! I had accelerated way too fast and flew off the rock doing a wheelie. Both machine and I shot straight into the air and went airborne… as the saying goes… what goes up… must come down… and boy does it come down! I crashed hard into the creek onto a rock bottom. My bike wheelie out from underneath me and landed on its back wheel right by my leg in two feet of water.SandySplash Needless to say, it was a very hard crash, it was pure instinct… I reached down to see if it was still in place. I was worried that it had been jarred loose and wondered if I still had a stoma. The armor was right where is was supposed to be. I was sopping wet, pride bruised beyond belief and I was extremely sore and cold. I had to climb back on a bike and ride back. We made it back to camp. I immediately changed into dry gear because I was very cold and wet. While changing, I checked my stoma and the area around the Ostomy plate. The stoma was untouched and is fine. The area around the plate is slightly bruised and sore but not too bad. My Ostomy Armor™ is drying out, not a scratch on it and I just put another Ostomy Armor™ on… with my lifestyle I have more than one! Recalling that crash, I was submerged in water along with my Ostomy Armor™. It is amazing to me that the armor stayed in place and did not shift.
It’s a miracle that it was not jarred loose. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if I had not had my Ostomy Armor™ on, I would had to have made a trip to the emergency room. Instead of nursing a bruised ego and some bruises on my arms and legs… I believe there would have been some serious damage done to my stoma! SandyHit Thanks to the Ostomy Armor™… all I needed to do was change my clothes and we continued to enjoy the rest of the day riding and laughing at my attempt to simply cross a creek.
Gordon, Thank you so much for your product. It is times like this when you realize how important your armor is and how it allows you to be normal and just enjoy life! Not only did your armor save me from injury but it allowed everyone to have a great day and just have fun without any drama brought to the incident.
Thank you so much!!!
Sandy H.