Ostomy Armor Overhaul Program


Ostomy Armor Overhaul / Ostomy Armor Repair services are available for all wearers of Ostomy Armor – from day one!!


Watch our video on the website or YouTube how to measure for Ostomy Armor.

Your Armor will last for years! Materials and workmanship are warrantied for 2 years.  Many customers chose to overhaul their Armor after years of wear.

Record your current measurement, address or any other information regarding your fitting on a note to us.

Drop your old Armor in a box or envelope along with your note, and a check for $75.00 and mail it to us. (Please clean your product before mailing.)

We will pay shipping back to you.

Overhaul includes; New foam pad behind the plate, new belt materials and buckles. Now is the time to upgrade to Cobra buckles if you wish.


We will return an  Armor to you that is overhauled to the latest specs. If you wish to upgrade to the Titanium Max, now is the time to do it. Upgrade from the Heavy Duty to the Titanium Max for $240.00

Return time may vary with our work load. However we will rotate your Armor into the production queue as soon as we receive it.

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