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Ostomy Armor Sizing


Learn how to properly size your new Armor here.  With our ostomy sizing guidelines and instructions, you can rest assured you will receive the correct sized Armor right away.  It is imperative that your Armor is sized correctly so it fits correctly.  If you receive Armor that does not fit correctly, we will gladly exchange for the proper one.  Please note, any returned / exchanged products must be un-used.  


“Will it fit me? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear.  The Armor will fit most stomas. However, we can fit anyone.

Petite / Small Framed Adults:  Available in limited colors, the Petite Armor is made for very small frames. The front measures 5×3″. Best fit for: Waist of less than 25″.

The belt is made for your waist size. It includes room to lose and gain weight. If you gain or lose a lot (more than 5-6”), send it back and we will remake the belt. There will be a $20 fee for this. 

Foam backing on the back of the Armor fits on top of the barrier/baseplate and has a channel to allow waste to drain.

The Standard Foam size is 40mm (or 1.5”) across, 18 mm  thick and 6cm (or 2.5”) long. This fits most people.

The Deep Foam has the same dimensions across and is 25 mm.

The Foam: After years of testing, our foam is “just right.” Not too hard, not too soft. It will not compress easily, but is comfortable. It will not allow any moisture to absorb and it’s super easy to clean. And it’s covered with a layer of non-slip, non-absorbent material for even greater grip.

If you think you need other dimensions, call us. We have made Armor for huge stomas and we can probably fit you.  

The Front of the Heavy Duty Armor is 6.5” across by 3 3/4 “ deep.

The Titanium is 6” x 3.5. Both have a curve to accommodate the body shape. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you measure incorrectly and your belt doesn’t fit, there will be a $20 fee to make a new belt. Please measure twice to ensure a correct measurement. Watch the video: measure around the stoma area, pull the tape measure tight, and then measure again.