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Ostomy Products

Ostomy products – Our entire product line!

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CATEGORY - armor
T-Max Ostomy Armor CI 2
Heavy Duty Ostomy Armor CI B
dual armor CI
Shower Armor CI
Petite Ostomy Armor CI 2
toddler armor CI 2
CATEGORY - kits n leak
waste wicks CI
quick wicks ci
CATEGORY - accessories
Cobra Buckle CI9-29
buckle sliders CI
gc shop pg

Ostomy Protection Products

Our ostomy protection products are the finest and strongest in the world.  From the Standard Heavy Duty to the Titanium Max, we have every lifestyle covered!  Plus, we have a variety of leak kits, Wicks, and armor accessories.  


Your protection starts here – with OSTOMY ARMOR!  Armor’s are made in the U.S.A., and come with a two year warranty – the only armor to do so!  Don’t settle for anything less than the best – 24 hour protection at its finest.  


Additionally, we have an abundance of information that help you properly purchase your items.  Videos on how to size, measure, and wear armor can be found here.  These videos will help you choose the right selections in your purchase.  


You will find that armor’s have quite a few options available.  The reason for this is to make your armor as “custom-fit” as possible.  Since you will be wearing it most of the time, it makes sense to have it fit comfortably.  


Further resources, information, and videos regarding can be found throughout our site.  If you have any questions regarding a product or order, please contact us!  We are happy to help, and since the creator of Ostomy Armor is a fellow ostomate, you can rest assured you are working with someone who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes.  


We look forward to giving you the opportunity to get back into the active lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of!  With our ostomy products, there’s no reason you can’t live life to its fullest.  YOUR PROTECTION STARTS HERE!!!


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