Ostomy Protection Packages


Bundle and Save with a complete package. Everything you need, at a discount price.

Regardless your lifestyle, we have an ostomy protection kit for you.  Click on any kit for more info!



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Bundle and Save with a packaged kit.

Here are the products you need, in one place.  This is the place to find affordable ostomy belts that provide the best protection.  You already know that you need the Armor and Waste Wicks. Round out your collection of ostomy supplies with the supremely useful Emergency Kit and the Shower Armor. Maintain your barrier 24/7 with the Shower Armor and save money on barrier changes.

Save your stoma. Save money. Ostomy Armor Protection Packages. Now available with Klarna, where you can split the cost over 4 payments with no interest. (Klarna available at checkout.) 

Comfortable and discreet, Ostomy Armor provides high quality, durable protection for the stoma. With Ostomy Armor, you can go anywhere and do anything!  

     *  Protects against external blunt force trauma                         

     * Helps prevent para-stomal hernias. Relieves stress on existing hernias

     * Helps maintain the seal on the barrier.

Deals on Ostomy Belts

We get patients back to the activities they love, restoring confidence and quality of life.  And, with our great deals on ostomy belts and belt accessories, you’ll be covered. 

Titanium Max:  Designed for the MAXIMUM range of motion and protection. Extreme sports enthusiasts love this! This is the top of the line!                                                                                                                    

HEAVY DUTY:  The HD provides excellent protection for most people in everyday activities and will last for years.

Armored Bag Face: Protects the front of the bag from sparks and sharp objects that could cause a leaking bag. Detachable.                                          (Must be ordered at the same time with Ostomy Armor.)

Waste Wicks:  Wicks away sweat and waste, protects clothing, prevents skin irritations and prolongs the life of the barrier. Combining the Waste Wicks and Ostomy Armor is a knockout combo.

 Emergency Kits: Everything you need to change your appliance on the road or away from home. 


With our bundles and packages, as well as our financing option, you can get affordable ostomy belts plus more – in one package!!!  We have pricing, financing, and armor options that make it possible to protect yourself.  

Ostomy Armor Bundles

Occasionally, we have Ostomy Armor sales on our site.  Please check in from time to time, as any new sales will be clearly visible.  


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