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If you have any questions or feedback concerning our products, now or once you’ve made a purchase, we value hearing from you. Although Scott Aeromechanical R&D  is always trying to improve Ostomy Armor™ and offer you the best products on the market inexpensively, your feedback, whether criticism or encouragement, will help us serve you, and other ostomates, better in the future.

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Gen 4 Titanium Max Armor

This is our best Armor for people serious about getting back to a VERY active lifestyle. Select from your choice of Black, MIL Green, Red, Blue, Purple or Gold webbing.

Model shown with optional COBRA buckle from Austri Alpin

In stock and ready to ship! NEW HCPCS Codes A4367 or A4396

Patent pending

Select Gen 8 Armor

Gen 9 Heavy Duty Standard Armor

Gen 8 Heavy Duty Ostomy Armor is our basic ostomy protection system for everybody! Each Armor comes standard as shown with an extra comfort belt. The belt is 2” wide, contains a comfortable foam core and is covered in balistic nylon for extra long life. Every Armor has a channel to direct waste away from the body. The Armor is easily connected with tensioning buckles and will not cut in or roll up. The extra-comfort belt is comfortable enough to wear all day, everyday. NEW HCPCS Codes A4367 or A4396


Patent pending

Dual Ostomy Armor
Dual Ostomy Armor

Ostomy Armor DUAL GEN 2

  • 3 points of adjustment.
  •  Availible in Aircraft grade aluminum, carbon fiber/ Kevlar or Titanium.
  • Requires accurate measurements and or digital photos
  • Build tough using the best components we can find!! NEW HCPCS Codes A4367 or A4396


Patent Pending

Dual Ostomy Armor Vertical


  • Aircraft grade aluminum,Carbon Fiber/Kevlar or Titanium.
  • Built tough, like all of our products!
  • Patent pending, all rights reserved
  • Requires accurate measurements and or digital photos    NEW HCPCS Codes A4367 or A4396


Patent Pending

Toddler Armor
Toddler Armor


Let your little one be protected as they run around, crashing into furniture and chasing the dog, or cat, or both, so they can have as normal a life as possible, while protecting their stoma.

NEW HCPCS Codes A4367 or A4396


Patent Pending

Armored Bag Faces
Armor Bag Face

Armored Bag Faces

Armored Bag Faces are designed to protect the exposed portion of the bag from welding sparks, cuts, tears and even “Fluffy the cat”. Made of Kevlar, Ballistic nylon and chamois. Removeable when you don’t need it, quickly reinstalls! Must be ordered with your new Ostomy Armor or send us your older Armor for upgrade.


Patent Pending.

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