Children’s Ostomy Armor


Let your child live life… and love it!  Children’s Ostomy Armor is made specifically for toddlers and children.  Each armor is custom-made to fit even the smallest patient.  Read below to see what other parents have to say, and for additional information.  These images are an example of available colors; to see the armor in full, see video below.



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For example: If you measure 45″ over your hernia and you can push or pull it in 4 inches, please write this in the “notes” section. And as always, you can call or email for more help.
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Upgrade your armor by outfitting it with the new Body Point Buckle (see video below).

Protected by U.S. Patent No. – U.S. 10,070,987    Detailed information can be found here. Childrens Ostomy Armor Protection –  A4367 or A4396

Ostomy Protection for Children

Parents: Are you tired of leaking barriers and bags that pop off?  Is your child embarrassed to go to school, or hesitant to take part in sports?   Ostomy Armor can help!   Hold the barrier seal in place while protecting the stoma. Remember, there is NEVER a good time for a leaking barrier.  Help your child regain their confidence by preventing leaks.  Suitable for children of all ages, with a waist size 25” or smaller. Children with a larger waist will be a good fit for our Heavy Duty or Titanium products.  

Children’s Ostomy Armor

Children’s  Ostomy Armor is designed with the smallest ostomy patients in mind. The padded extra-comfort belt will not ride up or cut in, nor will it stretch out of shape. The soft, padded protection with a waste channel will feel comfortable to your child. Children’s Armor is tough enough to stand up to baseball, T Ball, hockey, climbing, and all the other relentlessly energetic activities that little kids get up to. All you have to do is keep up! Our Children’s Armor is made with the same durable materials as our adult models.

Additional Ostomy Protection

For extra leak protection, use Quick Wicks. Simply insert a QW where there is a leak and tighten the armor on top. Discard the QW when soiled. QW absorb sweat and leaks at the barrier, keeping the barrier/baseplate in use for longer and reducing skin irritations caused by frequent changes.   Here is what parents have to say:  “Your product has allowed this little boy to be as crazy and distructive as every other 6 year old boy in his class. It also gave mom the peace of mind that he would not be injured and allowed him to play his very first sport this last summer, T-Ball. He was so excited and proud to be able to play with all his friends. Thank you so much for making a product that includes children (something very, very hard to find in the ostomy product world.)” –Stacy M March 17, 2012 “We discovered Ostomy Armour. Something that would protect his stoma and give him the security and  confidence to participate in one of the most physical sports there is.”  (Wrestling)Janna H.    You can read more customer comments here.  Watch Product videos here.            Click Here to view How-to-Wear Videos

Additional information

Weight 0.8125 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 in
First, select your stoma side -

Left, Right

Choose your armor color -

Black and Blue, Black and Purple, Black Camo, Blue and Blue, Blue and Blue June, Blue and Purple, Blue and Purple June, Blue Plate / Purple Webbing, Coyote and Camo, Coyote and Tan, Purple and Purple, Tan and Camo, Tan and Coyote, Tan and Green, Tan and Tan


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