Ostomy Armor Waste Wicks

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SALE – BUY 3 Wicks, Get 1 FREE!!!

Protected by U.S. Patent No. – U.S. 10,070,987    Detailed information can be found here. Ostomy Armor Waste Wicks: Take the panic out of ostomy leaks! Waste Wicks fit between any bag and barrier to absorb moisture and small to moderate leaks. By removing the leaks and moisture (sweat) from around the barrier, you will reduce skin irritations, increase the life of the barrier and improve the seal on the barrier.

Ostomy Leaks

Constant leaks and blowouts?  We know what this is like!  When you use Waste Wicks with our armor, you reduce leaks and blowouts….guaranteed!  Furthermore, this is a “skin-safe” alternative to controlling ostomy leaks, as supposed to other pastes and chemicals.  In some cases, this product will allow an already leaking barrier to reseal.  Disposable, just toss and replace when you need.  Recommended for use with all of our armor models.  20 Wicks per bag. Best deal:  Shipping for 2 bags of Wicks in one USPS Priority mail envelope saves money. 


Control stoma leaks the proper way!  Unlike companies that will sell you paste and “goo”, we understand the mechanics of  ostomy leaks: stop the barrier from bending (use Ostomy Armor), absorb stoma leaks at the source (Waste Wicks) and reduce the skin irritation cycle that can cause the barrier to fail. When you add chemicals to raw, irritated skin, you’re adding to the problem. Help your skin heal by reducing the leaks that impact your skin.  Control stoma leaks!! Made from a highly absorbent material.  A9270 Take Your Life Back with Ostomy Armor! NEW! HCPCS Code A9270 This Item is available for next day shipping. Ostomy Armor Waste Wicks are ideal to control stoma leaks.  They fit between any bag and barrier to absorb moisture and small to moderate ostomy leaks.    


We have an abundance of information in the form of videos, photos, and text on both sites, with links to other related sites.  Control ostomy leaks with this amazing product!  

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in

2 reviews for Ostomy Armor Waste Wicks

  1. Franklyn Hull (verified owner)

    These wicks will save your clothes from imminent disaster. And your bed sheets as well when the rare blow-out occurs. I don’t even notice them on.

  2. E.S.

    Wow! Im speechless! I decided to try armor waste wicks while going swimming since the coloplast water barriers kept leaving sticky residue after getting wet and would then stick to my clothing. With the wick, i was delighted to find that there was no stickyness afterwards! I will not be debating weather it pays to swim or not ever again!

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