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Armors come equipped with the standard buckle, but you may upgrade here (see video below).


Protected by U.S. Patent No. – U.S. 10,070,987    Detailed information can be found here.

 Standard Heavy Duty Armor provides affordable ostomy protection and excellent comfort at the best price.  Purchase the best value the first time!!!!  This strong ostomy belt will:


            Protect the Stoma. Seal the Barrier. Prevent Stoma Leaks and Stomal Hernias!


Features include:

Two (2) year warranty! Extremely cost effective – Only pennies per day!!

-Aircraft grade aluminum/aluminium provides strong, flexible, discreet protection. 

-Extra-comfort stoma belts have a foam insert for comfort and are covered with Balistic nylon.  As a result, they do not ride up, stretch out or cut in.

-The padded and comfortable surface next to your body is easily cleaned with any brush with soap and water.

-The foam backing features a waste channel that allows waste to flow into your bag normally.

Customers use their Ostomy Armor for years. 



This stoma protector is for everyday stoma protection against common hazards and dangers: Seatbelts, jeans, shopping carts, dogs, external blunt force trauma, bumps and bangs, children, sports, and more.  Suitable for preventing hernias from developing and for small hernias that measure 3” or less vertically.  For large, pre-existing hernias, the Large Hernia Armor may be a better fit. 



For anyone with an ostomy who wants to prevent ostomy leaks and stoma pain.

  • Not all of our customers are into extreme sports or tough occupations, but 100% want to live they way they did before surgery. 
  • When will an accident happen to you? 
  • When is a good time for your barrier / baseplate/flange to leak? 
  • Be prepared with a dependable, strong ostomy belt!


Stoma Belts

Extremely durable, this ostomy belt, along with all of our stoma belts, help to maintain the seal on and increases the life of most barriers, providing a cost savings to you. The belt material also provides increased hernia protection by not allowing your muscles to bulge out. Comes with one (1) Buckle Slider – a comfortable little square, with soft chamois back-side, that fits between your buckle and skin.  Clean the chamois portion with a soft brush and shampoo or mild detergent. 

This extremely strong ostomy belt is also an extra-comfort belt – covered with hard wearing, comfortable fabric.  And, it provides excellent stoma support.  

Color representation may differ from device to device and may appear slightly different in person.  It is also difficult to determine between Tan and Coyote Brown in the picture. The Tan is a light sand/khaki color. Coyote Brown is a medium brown color.


Extremely durable, lasting for years, our “stoma protector” ostomy belts are made to protect your stoma from every-day disasters!  This product offers superb ostomy protection due to the custom options available to you.  As a result, more options equals enhanced ostomy protection.  To make all our stoma belts as efficient for you as possible, all stoma belts we offer have several options for you to select. 

Excellent ostomy protection for all day to day activities and hazards.  The H.D. stoma belts are incredible!

Stoma Support

Amazing stoma support for every day hazards and activities.

Click Here for How-to-Wear Video                               Stoma Belts: Learn how to Properly Size Your Armor.  

Standard Heavy Duty Armor

 HCPCS Codes A4367 or A4396 

Excellent Stoma Protector,  Strong ostomy belt, Great Stoma Support!

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in
Choose your armor color -

Black, Bright Blue, Camo, Coyote Brown, Green, Tan

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