Titanium Max Ostomy Armor

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Upgrade your Titanium Max Armor by outfitting it with the all new Cobra Clip! The safest and strongest load bearing buckles available. Stab-lock style fastener, made from the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy with solid brass and stainless steel components.


Protected by U.S. Patent No. – U.S. 10,070,987    Detailed information can be found here.

Titanium Max Ostomy Armor – The best in stoma protection!  This ostomy belt is designed to provide you the Maximum range of motion and ostomy protection.  Virtually indestructible, each armor comes standard with a padded extra-comfort belt that does not cut in, roll up, or stretch out.  The underside of this hernia guard is lined with soft closed cell foam and comfortable fabric cover, providing absolute comfort and long-term wear.  As with all of our stoma protection products, a channel allows for drainage of waste. 


This is our strongest ostomy belt as it is durable, strong, installs quickly, and lasts for years.  Described as “worth every penny!”.  Ideal for active duty police officers, fire-fighters, military personnel, and extreme sports enthusiasts.  In other words, this is the best option for rigorous activities and work.  Suitable for preventing hernias from developing and for small hernias that measure 3” or less vertically.  For larger hernias, please contact us for a price quote. 


This model comes with one Buckle Slider, and you can always add the optional Cobra Buckle Upgrade!   The Titanium Max is the best in stoma protection – the strongest, most durable, and most protective hernia guard!

     Click Here for How-to-Wear Video            Learn how to Properly Size Your Armor.


Titanium Max Ostomy Armor

With the materials it is made of as well as the cover, it is truly the best product for ostomy protection.  The blue model in the photo shows an optional Cobra ostomy belt buckle, therefore adding an additional layer of strength and security to your equipment. Most noteworthy, it’s design holds a 1000 lb weight limit!  And they look amazing on your ostomy belt, and out-perform all other buckles! 


Color representation may differ from device to device and may appear slightly different in person.  It is also difficult to determine between Tan and Coyote Brown in the picture. The Tan is a light sand/khaki color. Coyote Brown is a medium brown color.  Customers purchasing this product have been absolutely satisfied with the stoma protection it provides.  

HCPCS codes A4367 or A4396

Hernia Guard

The absolute best and strongest hernia guard on the planet.  The toughest armor for the toughest activities!

Additional information

Weight 0.8125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in
T-Max Color

Black, Bright Blue, Coyote Brown, Green, Purple, Red, Tan

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3 thoughts on “Titanium Max Ostomy Armor”

  1. Hey! I would like to try the Hip T, however I have a quesoitn about this and other products like it in general. I have a lot of trouble with wearing anything over my pouch, even a tank top! The output just stays up top and does not go to the bottom of the bag, and this ends up causing the output to go under my eakin seal and leak under the wafer. :/ I’ve read that products like Ostomy Secrets actually are supposed to make the pouch even out and not cut off flow, but I am aprehensive to try it, seeing how I’ve done with regular snug fitting clothes like skirts and tanks that go over my pouch. This is really beginning to be a problem for me as I am 9 months out of surgery now and want to live my life and go places! Just yesterday I was at an award ceremony for my son and we were sitting for awhile. When I went to the bathroom, I had leaked! Ugh! Had to do a complete pouch change. Very discouraging feeling like if it is my time of day to be heavy on output that I am confined to the house. Maybe my output is just too thick?

  2. how is this rosidahs ^^^ a review of the product? I have been using ostomy armor since 2012 and have done everything from jujitsu to completing a fire academy and getting hire as a firefighter. rosidah ^^ up there fails. My review of her review is 0 stars.

  3. I recently purchased the Gen4 Titanium Max Armor and I absolutely love it! It’s very sturdy and super safe! I also bought the optional Cobra clip which turned out to be a fantastic decision! It’s amazingly reliable and yet very easy to open & close. One of the greatest aspects of the Armor for me is that it really helps conceal my ostomy. (Just like in the video!) And it’s even more impressive considering the fact that I have a pretty large hernia (from lifting something too heavy shortly after my surgery). It was pretty noticeable, and so quite embarrassing, but with the Armor I look like I use to before the surgery! (With a shirt on anyway lol) Also, as most ostomates know, a car seatbelt isn’t always your friend, it can hurt and irritate your stoma, but the Armor helps so much with that, you can feel it up against the plate, but with no discomfort or pain! The plate is very resilient too, and when it’s struck the impact is lessened dramatically by the foam type padding which absorbs all of it. When hit hard enough you’ll feel the pressure in the padded area, but your stoma is completely unphased by it! In other words, it was worth every penny!!!

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