‘RoboCop’ fights crime with Ostomy Armor.

Ed Rowland, 36, jokes he is following in the 1988 character’s footsteps after a deadly bowel condition left him requiring the stoma bag. Ed Rowland is proud to be fighting crime – and prejudice – as a real-life RoboCop. The custody sergeant had to be fitted with a stoma bag in an ileostomy operation so that he could beat a deadly bowel condition. But he did not want to give up his job with Devon and Cornwall Police – so he searched the web and found a firm selling titanium armour developed for US military veterans fitted with stoma bags. Now back on the front line, he reckons he is following in the footsteps of the 1988 film character.Ed, 36, said: “When I’m wearing my armour it makes me feel a bit like RoboCop. Read the entire article here vc_row]

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U.K Police Officer review February 2019

Bagged Cop@IBD_PC on Twitter 

What is it that has enabled you to continue being a front-line officer?

Three things:

  1. Determination – I’ve had to work very hard physically and mentally to get to where I am now.
  2. Support – “The Job” have been incredibly flexible and have supported me in getting back to the role I wanted.
  3. Kit – I couldn’t do this dangerous job without the right protection. I wouldn’t be allowed, and I wouldn’t risk it. That’s where Ostomy Armour comes in!

Read the full story here: UK Police officer

Diane R loves the Feeding  Tube/Catheter Wicks!  “I’ve only been using them for a week, and already the condition of my skin (around the tube)  has really improved.” 
Oct 2018 

Got my new titanium max from Ostomy Armor and wanted to do a quick review after a couple days of field testing. First off I want to thank Gillian at Ostomy Armor for all her help. She made ordering one so easy. Alright, so as you can see this product is a heavy duty guard to protect your stoma. Not only did it meet my expectations it exceeded them in quality and comfort. For such a hefty guard you can’t even tell I’m wearing one when my shirt is pulled down. Second once you snug up the belt it stays that way. The quality and the craftsmanship are amazing. Once you get used to actually wearing something you don’t even notice it’s there. No sharp or pokey edges. I feel a lot more confident my bag won’t fall off if it fills up lol. With this guard in place the bag is going no where. This also goes a long way in terms of hernia support and obviously I no longer worry about banging or hurting my stoma. My biggest concern when I first saw it was that it would dig into my gut or legs then sitting but this is not the case. Just as comfy sitting as it is standing. So all in all I would highly recommend this product to anyone with an ostomy for sure. Just to give a little background as to what I do and why I ordered it. For work I build power lines so my job is very physical with lots of big heavy tools and materials. Wear a lot of different belts from climbing belts to fall arrest harness to normal tool belts. My stoma and bags were taking a beating so that was a major factor in purchasing this product. At home I have 6 kids 10 and under who love to jump on me as well as an 80 pound puppy who’s not quite a year old yet lol. So even when I’m not working there is no shortage of danger to my stoma lol. So In the end I feel this product will be a huge benefit to me. If I had to find something negative to say about Ostomy Armor it would be a stretch lol. I guess maybe just that I need to empty my bag more than I’m used to because you have something clamping down taking up a bit of bag space. But that’s not really a negative is it. #stoma #stomalife #ileostomy #nocolonstillrollin #ostomyarmor 

Thanks again. Ryan 

Sent from my iPhone
Good Evening!
Today I tested my titanium armor on another adventure! 
I went skydiving!!
I have always wanted to go since a kid. After my surgery when the topic was brought up, I thought that it would be impossible to go as I imagined the straps from the harness going directly over the bag and digging in while bearing all my weight. I thought that I would never be able to go. Well today I went!!!
It was the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life! Absolutely amazing! I am still feeling the adrenaline in my system and it is hours later! Thank you so much Ostomy Armor! This is amazing! You have helped me bring a dream to reality!
I wore my titanium armor and it worked amazing! The straps went directly over my stoma when I was hooked up to the tandem jumper and as such I am now glad that I didn’t try it without the armor. After seeing that the straps were going over the Ostomy Armor and that the Armor was securely in place, I was actually able to forget about my Ostomy, look out the window, and focus on the excitement of the event! After reading that statement, those who have an Ostomy and know the stress that comes with the feeling of constantly having to check on it will understand the feeling that I have right now in my heart as I realize what this means. This peace of mind in such a situation in life is priceless and I am truly grateful! This was the most human experience of my life.
Thank you so much Ostomy Armor! Today was Awesome! I am now determined to test this product in as many adventures as I possibly can! For Science of course! ?
Hang loose!
Nathan D.
Testimonials and reviews from REAL Ostomy Armor customers can be read here.  We have customers from all over the world!!! 




On 2018-08-25 22:00, Nathan Deas wrote: 

Hello, I purchased an ostomy armor a year or two ago. I have been using it for dirt biking. It works excellent as I have had many times to test it out directly and I came out with no injury. In one instance when I was accelerating in a straight away, my chain came off, made me slide in a 360 and fall. After I stopped rolling I landed on all 4’s perpendicular to the dirt track. I looked to my right and saw a fellow Marine who was behind me, who had been accelerating as well. I saw his font tire lock up a second before he hit me.

 He hit me broad side with his front tire directly on the stoma. I was wearing my titanium ostomy armor. He punted me into the air and I rolled farther down the track. I stopped again on all fours and crawled off the track. My stoma was completely fine and I suffered no injuries although it did completely knock the wind out of me. Being a jarhead, as soon as I could catch my breath I jumped up grabbed the bike and jumped on the kickstarter to take back off. Ha! The other Marine stopped me as apparently I was disoriented and had picked up his bike. The point being the armour did its job and I was able to get back out there shortly after I oriented myself. 

Anyway it works great on the dirt bike and I will keep wearing it when I go!

Thank you for the outstanding product, and for making a custom Marine Corps one for me. So many people have helped me out and encouraged me in this adventure called post surgery. One of the first was you Gordon. I wanted to become an EMT and thought that was impossible with a bag. After you talked to me and sent me my armor it encouraged me to finish EMT school and go on to Advanced EMT. My dream was realized as I started working full time for a local transport company and part time at the Rescue Squad. You inspired me to constantly want to do more and go farther than I thought was possible! Thank you sir! 

Semper Ride! 

Nathan Deas  (Name printed with permission )

Aug 28 2018 

Hey there – this is Josh and I spoke with (Gordon) Scott several years ago when I purchased my ostomy armor. This past week I went backpacking for 30 miles in a remote section of Glacier National Park in Montana. I could not have done it without ostomy armor as my hip belt rides across the stoma! My armor has held up remarkably well in the three years I’ve had it. Thanks!
In the years since my ileostomy surgery I’ve been able to get back to all my activities that ulcerative colitis took from me for over a decade. I even got my FAA helicopter license reinstated.
At any rate, I’m grateful to the Ostomy Armor team for a great product! In the near future I hope to thru hike the Appalachian trail and you can bet I’ll be wearing my Ostomy Armor. 
You have my permission to use the photo and any associated description of me and the trip!! JB

We received this letter in June 2018. Full name is printed with permission. 

Hi Gillian, Here is my  review  for you to post.

I had to have surgery due to diverticulitis. After surgery, there is enough mental things that run trough your  head, let alone not wanting to let people know or see that I have a colostomy. So I searched online and found Stealthbelt. I bought there top of the line belt for $160. I thought this was a godsend. It kept everything discreet which was my main objective. As a few months went on, the belt got looser and looser and never really gave the support that was needed to lift heavy objects or do some of the physical activities that I enjoy. Now because of this, I have developed a hernia which I know will require surgery sometime in the future. 

This prompted me to online search again. I came across ostomy armor. I thought the belts were a bit pricey, but if it does the job  like you claim, then it would be worth it. I bought a titanium max. By no means am I going to say that I can barely feel it on, because let’s be real, if your wearing something tight around your body, then your going to feel it.

However, this belt is comfortable and does hold everything in very very well and has stopped the hernia from getting any worse. It is also very discreet, which again I LOVE. I do wear above my waistline, because I do not want to have anything in my waistline when I’m wearing jeans. Because of this, the belt did pinch a little bit when I would bend over, so I contacted ostomy armor, ordered a new titanium belt with the idea to modify it. I received the new belt and love the alteration that they made for me. Now I need to send my first belt back to have the same alteration done to it.

They are very accommodating to my needs and have me back to being able to do whatever I want. So in short, the ostomy armor belt is by far the superior product to keep my life as close to what it was before surgery. Thank you.

Marcus Taylor

Original Message ——–
Subject: Ostomy Armor
Date: 2018-05-01 23:12
From: Barbara M
To: gordon.scott@ostomyarmor.com

Hi, Gordon.
I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful product.  After my
husband’s surgery four years ago, he bought two belts from another
company, but he was experiencing leaks which made him afraid to go
places and do things such as ride his motorcycle.  He needed to have a
complete change of clothing with him when he went somewhere, in case he
had a leak.  He has been using Ostomy Armor for a couple of years now,
and now he doesn’t have leaks.  What a relief!

Thanks again,
_Barbara M.  _


March 2018. Dave Johnson in the UK wrote: 

Afternoon Gillian,

A quick note to let you know that my order has arrived in the UK.

Really impressed with the belt. The first time I used it I moved 3 tonnes of 6” concrete blocks. The belt provided real protection and gave 100% confidence. I was worried that this part of my life would go forever after the cancer diagnosis.

Luckily I have recently had a clear scan result, and with the help of your products and others from the NHS I am getting back to full strength 4 months after major surgery.

I am really grateful to you for your sound advice and superb service. I will be back for more from Ostomy Armour soon.

Please carry on the great work you are doing and feel free to pass this message on to your employees and clients.

Thanks and regards

Dave.  Please feel free to use my full name  in any testimonial.



Dec 2017: This is Ty H. He is 12 years old and an example to us all.


Here is what Ty’s mother Janna wrote: 

Ty was diagnosed with a severe case of Crohns disease back in June of 2014. The next three years would be consumed with doctor’s appointments, surgeries, infusions and multiple medications that would not be successful. His spirits always remained high though he could not do all that he loved. Being a natural athlete he competed in many sports and continued to, though it had become more difficult. There was one that he could not (compete in) and that was wrestling. Finally we were getting on track and he was feeling much better after having his colon removed. This seemed bitter sweet since what was helping him appeared to be what would also keep him from finally returning to the mat. He still played other sports with NG tubes and ilestomy but now he can get back to the one he missed the most! Wrestling is tough and especially when other medical issues keep you from top strength.

Then we discovered Ostomy Armour. Something that would protect his stoma and give him the security and  confidence to participate in one of the most physical sports there is. This fall he returned to practice and began working on getting his strength back. He is now the strongest he has ever been and shows us that there is always a way to do what you love.

Over a year since his first surgery. Over three years since diagnosed with Crohns.

Over three years since he could compete .

First wrestling tournament and he took 2nd place.”

(The owners and designers of Ostomy Armor thoroughly applaud and salute Ty’s determined spirit and attitude. This is the type of story that compels us to continue our work. We would like to thank Janna H. for sharing her son’s story with us. )


(Note: You will notice the outline of the Titanium Max under Ty’s wrestling singlet. If you are wearing tight spandex, the shape of the Armor will be visible. If you are wearing “normal” everyday clothing, nobody will know you are wearing it.)


“I have the titanium model with a cobra buckle. I use it every day when I drive. I work at an office job and I don’t need to wear it all day for protection. So I usually take it off when I get to work. I have worn it all day on some occasions though. Driving with the ostomy was something that really made me nervous. My confidence has been restored. I also use this product when I practice karate. It is very comfortable and I hardly notice that I have it on. Last night during a self defense test I got kicked right on the armor (I was the attacker). It must have seemed funny that I was smiling after getting kicked, but I was very happy I was wearing my armor! I used to need to have a roll of plastic wrap and buy rolls of cloth tape to cover my bag when I showered. This was particularly inconvenient when I went camping or on any travel away from home. It is difficult to pack light when you have a roll of plastic wrap, tape and paper towels in your bag . I bought a packaged deal with my ostomy armor that included the shower armor. The plastic wrap and tape and paper towels are out of my life. I fold the bag and frame and keep the shower armor over it. The bag gets a little wet but dries very quickly. This is a time saver on a near-daily basis. Gordon, thank you for these products. Great value for the money. They truly make life with the ostomy so much better.” – Seth B.. visitor post on Facebook, Nov 10, 2017


Watch VIDEO REVIEW here!!!


“Ostomy Armor is far superior to other similar products available in the U.K. for use during physical activity, and for occupations requiring an advanced level of protection.”  Jamie Mills, Secretary, British Disabled Police Officers Association.
 “Ostomy Armour’s Titanium Max is an excellent piece of protective equipment for any



Thank you for answering all of my questions, you have been more knowledgeable and supportive than some of the nurses at my doctors office.  Nick S. Sept 2017
So far, I love your belt and guard. My wear times are up, and between the belting system, new products and some slight technique changes I am experiencing an almost normal life now. I can leave the house and live my life without fear of blowouts and leaks.I had two HIGH PRESSURE SEAL TESTS last night (woke up to them) where the pouch was overinflated and ready to burst. The extra security of having the guard in-place belted snuggly against the wafer made a difference in what would have otherwise been an event on my personal Chernobyl scale of devastation (it would have been bad). Instead, it was no big thing. So far, I love it!!

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon, Tim N.

July 2017  (Background story: We received a call from a customer who asked if he could return his Armor. We asked what the problem was and if we could fix it. The problem was that the customer’s uniform pants and equipment  belt were pushing the Armor up. We came with a fix so that his stoma could remain protected. Here is what he had to say about his modification.)
“On 2017-07-18 15:01, Robert M. wrote:
I wanted to let you know, I received my belt with the new alterations, it is perfect… I just wanted to say thank you, your company did an outstanding job, and your customer service department was very helpful… thank you once again….”
“On 2017-07-25 17:17, Irene wrote:
Thank you so much!! It was amazing how wonderful you have been. For me having an ostomy has been difficult for many reasons). I pray every day that my strength will build to get it reversed. My surgeon is my hero and I know he will do everything he can to get me there.
Its sad but in todays world what I see a lot of is companies trying to make money. Ostomy Armor has been wonderful to work with (you have been wonderful to work with. I only ask that you forward this email so
that a/your supervisor knows how awesome you are. Thank you for being in constant contact with me. It means more than you know.
Irene Fennessey
More Stoma Guard Reviews:
“…I began using the ostomy armor belt several years ago and it was a life changer for me. Until I found this I didn’t think I could lead my life like I used to and now I am just as active as before my surgery. This gives me the security and confidence to tackle whatever comes my way. I just received my third belt and am very impressed with the design changes. It is so comfortable that you really do feel like it isnt there. And the upgraded buckle is amazing, thank you so much. And for those out there that have a CCW dont worry, I use a IWB and go all day everyday and never notice. I am a life long customer … Thank you for such a great product. I will be sending my other 2 in for your refurbish program soon……God Bless” – William R
 “I’ve had my armor for over NINE yrs and I’m still wearing it and it does get a workout as I’m very active outdoors. I bought two but still using the first one. Very tough and dependable product. Well worth the investment!!  Thanks!!!” Greg B.

 “I have and Ostomy Armor that I need to send back for a rebuild (normal wear and tear) that is 5 years old now but otherwise still works. I got a Stomaplex for a gift a few years ago, it’s garbage. Started falling apart almost immediately. They sent me a second as a warranty, same result.” Aaron D.

I have and Ostomy Armor that I need to send back for a rebuild (normal wear and tear) that is 5 years old now but otherwise still works. I got a Stomaplex for a gift a few years ago, it’s garbage. Started falling apart almost immediately. They sent me a second as a warranty, same result.”  Aaron D. (See the original comment on our Facebook page by logging in and liking us.)
 I’ve had my armor for over NINE yrs and I’m still wearing it and it does get a workout as I’m very active outdoors. I bought two but still using the first one. Very tough and dependable product. Well worth the investment!! Thanks!!! Greg B. (See the original comment on our Facebook page by logging in and liking us.)
(Note: $$$ A Heavy Duty Armor over a 9 year duration will works out to be 4 cents a day or $16 per year. How’s that for value?)
“I wanted to thank you for the time and attention that you gave to me when I phoned you to inquire about buying an Ostomy Armor Protective Belt. I have been wearing it on a daily basis for the past four months and can tell you that wearing the Ostomy Armor has increased the length of time that I can go between ostomy pouch changes from two days to four. This may not sound like a big deal but it is. I have just ordered my second Ostomy Armor product to protect my stoma when I dive off of the three foot platform in Masters Swimming competition.
Prior to Ostomy Armor, I had ruled out the possibility of competitive swimming due to my concerns about damaging my ostomy or pouch leakage caused by impact with the water from the competition platform”
Michael Mac.
“Gordon, I received my Ostomy Armor a little over a week ago. It is fantastic! I wear it all day long and rarely notice I have it on. I brought it with me on my appointment with my wound nurse at the VA last week and she said it looked like something you would buy at REI. She was so impressed that she brought it over to the other wound nurse on duty that day. They were impressed so I think you may be getting more orders from the VA. I also brought with me my old Stoma Plex guard for comparison. What crap that is! It cost me twice what your product costs, I had to buy a larger size of pants and it is coming apart after less than a year.”
Steve S.
 “I can’t thank you enough for getting my armor to me as quickly as you did!  You guys are amazing! Thank you so so much. Just the simple fact I could wear my seatbelt comfortably on a 2.5 hr road trip again made me feel that “normal” feeling back.  I’ll be testing it out this week with a tool belt.  Can’t wait!  Thank you again.” Ethan P.
“Knowing my son is protected now has allowed both of us to enjoy his childhood again!! He has put his armor through all his normal wildness and it has done an amazing job! I am truly greatful for this product, I could not recommended it more.” – Kathie B.
2/15/17 –  “You have literally saved my life. I cannot imagine even one day without the Armor. After years of use, I will be ordering a new TMax and then sending my old Armor back for an overhaul.”
“The Ostomy Armor allows me to wear my full uniform along with my issued gun belt fully loaded with my equipment. My belt is approximately 15 lbs and sits directly on the armor over my stoma all day.  I can sit, run, crouch and crawl with no pain.  My stoma is completely protected and functions as it should. Without this product, I would currently be out of a job and probably medically retired. I am a police officer of 24 years and love my job. Officer Sandy, TX”
“Thanks for the update on my order!!!! I believe that this Sept. 2012 or there abouts will be three years when I had ordered my first armor after my surgery. Working in a steel fab shop as a CWI and welding trainer I am constantly around sharp edges and tight areas……I ride Harleys and swim and practice martial arts and would NOT be without this fantastic protection!!!! Thanks again for an awesome and durable product that as you say …lets you take your life back!!!!”

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Very pleased with my Ostomy Armor purchase, as it’s allowed me to get back into the strength sports I love.

I even managed to place first in a strong(wo)man competition, lifting 175# atlas stones safely thanks to your device.



19 August 2014 22:16                                                             
received the ostomy armor and I love it very much! it is the best I wear. 
Thank you so much Gordon Scott for the ostomy armor!

8/19/2014 1:53 PM


I have been using your armor for a few months now. I love it, its has increased the wear time of my wafers and

almost completely eliminated my prolapsing issue.

I am going to order another one but I was wondering if you would be able to do some customization to it?

Mostly I was wondering if you could make the armor and the armored bag face one piece?



Hello A.J.

you bet I can do that for you! I will even modify your old Armor if you like.

May I please use your comments on the website?

Gordon, that would be great! I’d like to get this one ordered first then look at modifying my old one as I could not go without one. 

Yes you can use my comments for the website. 




(phone in)

Gordon, thank you for the modification on my Armor! I have been able to completely enjoy my summer!

(What have you been doing?) Hiking, diving, getting caught up on yard work, I haven’t had to slow down.


Wow! Im speechless! I decided to try armor waste wicks while going swimming 
since the coloplast water barriers 
kept leaving sticky residue after getting wet and would then stick to my clothing. 
With the wick, i was delighted to find that there was no stickyness afterwards! 
I will not be debating weather it pays to swim or not ever again!

08/20/2014 (anonymous)

These wicks will save your clothes from imminent disaster. And your bed sheets as well when the rare blow-out occurs.

I don’t even notice them on.

From: Paul P.
Subject: absolutely great product

Message Body:
I'm a woodworker and custom carpenter
and a year ago I purchased your armor 
and without it life would suck. Thanks
for what you have done----Paul
( my new one is purple--far out )
I just received the subject order for the Ostomy Armor Senior and 
I need to have the buckle strap 
lengthened if possible.  
The belt fits as made, but there is no room for adjustment 
should my weight increase.  
Please let me know if it is possible to replace the strap 
with one that is 2 inches longer.  
The belt appears to be of high quality and 
I am very satisfied with it except for the size.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sam T.



Mr. Scott,
I purchased my second ostomy armor last fall after using my first one for about a year and a half (and still use). I just wanted to thank you for providing a product that gave me back a part of my life that I had thought was lost. I am a very avid bow hunter and kayak fisherman and while I did still attempt to do those things, it wasn’t until I started using the ostomy armor that I felt complete protection and security. I  routinely cut fire wood, haul hay and tend cattle with my father and don’t even give a thought to my stoma any more. Thank you so much.

 Thank you again for everything. I am certain I will be a life long customer.

Thank you for such a prompt response. I really appreciate it. And absolutely yes, you may use my comments on your site. My wife also thanks you because she has seen the old me back to doing all the things we love together such as the kayaking.
Thank you and God bless
Bill R.

Michael_F_fam Hello Gordon, I contacted you months ago about resizing my Armor because I had lost a bunch of weight running. Well, shortly after that I suffered a knee injury that halted my running for a short time. However, I am now back at and continue to lose weight as the Armor you created has allowed me to get into the best shape of my life. As you can imagine I am pretty attached to this belt. Thank you so much for your help and for creating the Ostomy Armor. I love it! MIchael_F_woods By the way, I have attached a few pictures. One of me after finishing a half marathon in November(first ever) and a couple of me hiking with my family. All made possible because of your creation, the Ostomy Armor. Thank you! –Michael J Feehan II

“I ordered a Toddler Armour from you a while ago and so far it has been brilliant, it has made life much easier for everyone.” –Becky S. “T-Ball Tike…

This is the second armor we have bought. I got the first one just before my nephew started kindergarten.He is now halfway thru 1st grade and has just about worn it out. Your product has allowed this little boy to be as crazy and distructive as every other 6 year old boy in his class. It also gave mom the peace of mind that he would not be injured and allowed him to play his very first sport this last summer, T-Ball. He was so excited and proud to be able to play with all his friends. Thank you so much for making a product that includes children (something very, very hard to find in the ostomy product world.)–Stacy M March 17, 2012

Dear Mr. Scott, I wanted thank you so much for your pep talk the other day. You’re such an inspiration to active people who have to get an ostomy. Until I found your product on a forum and found your site, I was so bummed out because I am such an active and sporty individual. I thought the life I knew was over. I’m so glad you took the initiative and had the knowledge to do what you have done with the Ostomy Armor™. I also wanted to let you know that early this morning I had such an urge to pray for you. I prayed for your condition to get better so you can keep having a positive impact on people’s lives such as mine and your friends and family. Once again, thank you and I hope and pray for you. Sincerely, Adam M.

September 12, 2011 Greetings Gordon: I hope this note finds both you and the missus doing well. I wanted to provide some feedback on the Ostomy Armor belt I purchased 01/08/11. Yes, this feedback is delayed, but you may recall I lost my roommate back in November 2010 right after you were here to speak with our groups. Grief seems to slow down all processes and my feedback was affected, yet I felt it was important not to let this go. The Belt is a superior product made with excellent materials. Instructions were good. At the time you presented to our Houston groups the material was accepted without question. However, it was also viewed as ‘special’ not for the average Joe, so actual orders did not appear. Only a small percentage of ostomates are ‘maniacs’, most are Moms, Dads, teenagers, Grandmas and Pas that see physical challenge in mowing their yards, walking the dogs and occasionally hiking through Wal-Mart. It was easy to discount the need for your product because they could not identify with the maniac role model. So I suggest this idea for consideration. Create a SD model (sissy design or special design) made of lighter grade, more flexible materials, maybe 5$ – 10$ cheaper end cost for those less than maniac moments where stoma protection is still desired (fishing, mowing, yard work, mall walking) but armor plating or invincible coverage not needed. Marketing could be fun for the AARP Group. Imagine Gramps picking up little great grandkid and getting kicked in the stoma – but safe due to his SD model. New mates are terrified of seatbelts, the list is endless. Your patented design cannot be beat. It would be a shame for it to be under marketed and not available to everyone. The best comparison I can think of here is Hummer 2 and the SUV. Few own the Hummers, many own the SUVs. Also I would add an instruction video to your web site demonstrating the best way to put the belt on, placement, how tight to make it and what to do with excess straps. Many of these guides are out on You-Tube for various topics. Again, thank you for everything you are doing for the ostomy community. Sincerely, Patti S. Houston, TX

August 1, 2011 Hello Gordon, I received the Armour today, Fitted it straight away, it feels great, (getting rid of the “thin” hollister waist belt is terrific), fantastic to be able to now wear my belt over my stoma allows so much more natural movement while working. Thanks for making such a great product. May I put up a page on my web site and link to your armor site. Plus I’ll show my Urologist on next vist; he, I suspect will recommend it to others. You may use my words on you site if you like, later I can write a fuller piece after some time using the armor in my profession, (Freelance Cameraman) Thanks again from down-under. Cheers, Tom K. O-Line Video

October 15, 2010 Ostomy Armor™ From the following article on the UOAA Discussion Board: http://www.ostomy.org/forum/index.php I usually don’t endorse products but this one here has made a difference to me. First a little background. My stoma is right on my waistline. I had figured out 4 choices on how to wear my pants. 1. Up high which I call the old man/Urkel style. 2. down low which I call gangsta/plumber style. 3. Loose waist and suspenders which I call the Elmer Fudd style. 4. Bib overalls which I call the farmer style. I got the Ostomy Armor months ago and thought it was bulky so I decided to wait until I went to work to wear it. I got here at work and started wearing it for protection/support. I realized I could wear my pants right across my stoma. It allows drainage into the bag and only reduces bag capacity a little bit. I can wear pants like a real man now just like I used to plus have stoma protection and support. I have been wearing it with the optional sweat covers in 100+ degree weather her in Kuwait without any problems. I have already ordered another one for home without any back strap padding. I think I might be able to wear the pants I was wearing when I went in for surgury. I know one thing I’m going to prove that Ostomy nurse wrong that measured me for my stoma placement. She looked at my belt buckle and said “you will never wear that belt and buckle again”. Sorry for the long post but it is a brightspot when any normalcy returns in my life. I also thought there might be someone out there with the same Urkel/gangtsa/Fudd/farmer pants problem that I had or just needs stoma protection and support. Gordon Scott makes them and he has been great to deal with. His website is https://www.ostomyarmor.com/index.php Thanks Mike

August 13, 2010 From Tamara Hello!!! Didn’t had time to tell you sooner, I received the armor last Monday and I LOVE IT!!!! I’ve been wearing it during work and it protects me perfectly. Tomorrow I’m going to a music festival, lots and lots of people and wearing my Ostomy Armor™ I don’t have to be scared they will accidentally hurt my Ostomy 🙂 big thank you from Holland Tamara K.

June 22, 2010 Satisfaction Ostomy Armor Dear Gordon: I am greatly pleased with your product. After several months usage my periostomal hernia is about 70% reduced. My clothes fit better — I feel more self-confident. In our prior conversation I indicated that I used Coloplast Assura and did not see it on your website, that led to my delaying obtaining your product by over one year. Please let others know plainly that Coloplast Assura works very well. You may use any part (including minor editing, and including my name) if you wish to post this to your website. Thank you, thank you, thank you; you saved me needing surgery and I am forever grateful. I wish the very best to you and your spouse, may God be with you always. Sincerely yours, David C.

June 12, 2010 Myself Update… I recently had tests and they decided that there was a chance to reconnect me up, not 100%, but good. I came to the hospital on the 2nd of June, the operation was the 4th of June, 5 more hours on the operating table. I was a bit nervous to say the least, but this time I woke up to everything back in its’ place, all plumbing and the main valve working as they should. I will leave hospital around next Thursday/Friday. Yes my problems have not been earth shattering, there is so much misery in this world, but I feel like I have been given a second bite at the cherry and intend to take it with gusto. So I feel bloody great. It’s good to be in the toilet paper market again!!! I cannot express in words the confidence that your strong personality has given me, it will follow me the rest of my life, no I did not like having a stoma, but like you advised, I did not let it stop me doing the things that I did before. So thank you again Gordon for all your help and advice, not to mention your excellent product. This is being donated to a very good stoma nurse Fried that we have in Japan, she wants to show patients how they can protect themselves and get confidence to do things without fearing damage in that area. Please keep in touch from time to time, maybe we will be in UK at the same time sometime. Tom J.

June 8, 2010 Feedback I want to tell you how happy and satisfied my husband R. is with his Ostomy Armor (with the USMC logo!). I was in desperation that I searched and found your site. He had been so depressed for so long, with accidents and incidents with his ostomy. Embarrassed in public places, and humiliated among family even though we all sympathize and understand. He had tried to craft something himself without success. When I showed him your site he felt for the first time there was something that might work as it incorporated the “channel” that is so important. We have given it this amount of time to be sure that it was all that it was represented to be and that it would perform as we hoped. It has exceeded both out expectations! He has renewed confidence and self-esteem. On his visit to the MD yesterday, the Dr. was very interested in the OA as well and R. explained the features. We will be going at the end of this month to the Ostomy Group meeting in Joplin, MO which comprises people from MO/KS/AR/OK and he will certainly be a part of the “show and tell”. It is so humid in this area of the country that you can almost “drink the air”. People who want to be active have issues with sweat/friction/heat, etc. – in usual activities, let alone recreational. Prior to the Ostomy Armor™, R. had been unable to use his seatbelt while driving. The position of his body even without the belt forced liquid back up into the top of the pouch where it would then leak or pop off. He has had not one single incident since wearing it! Before too long we will probably be ordering a second one to use as a trade off. The only question he has is: Is there a way to make the USMC logo more prominent/larger? He really really likes that… and to think I originally said ‘no’ when you suggested it – shows how much I know about the Mind of a Marine, huh? Thanks again – You may use my comments in any way you choose as they are heartfelt and honest and might help someone else going through these problems (tho I would prefer our entire names not be used – due to the efficiency of Google in delivering absolutely everything to everyone!) As for me I have only one question – is there a preferred way of cleaning it? I have been using mild baby lotion which is designed to gently remove proteins mixed half and half with water but was wondering if there was something I should be using instead? Thanks again Renee C.

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